Harold Salway
Director of Cultural Preservation and Treaty Affairs

Thurman Horse
Cultural Liasson

Madonna Thunder Hawk
Director of Grass Roots Organizing

Madonna Thunder Hawk is the Director of Grassroots Organizing for the Red Road Institute and the Indigenous Peoples Movement. As a prominent Indigenous civil rights activist and a key figure in the American Indian Movement (AIM), Unci Madonna has significantly contributed to the advocacy and empowerment of Indigenous communities.

She was a pivotal participant in the Red Power Movement, participating in the Occupation of Alcatraz and Mount Rushmore occupations to highlight the need for Indian self-determination and respect for treaties.

Her involvement in AIM, particularly during the Wounded Knee occupation, exemplifies her dedication to indigenous rights.

With the Red Road Institute and Indigenous Peoples Movement, the bulk of her work is leading the Wasagiya Najin, or “Grandmothers’ Group,” on the Cheyenne River Reservation.

This group aims to prevent the unlawful removal of children from tribal nations, rebuild kinship networks, and advocate for the welfare of indigenous children. She has worked to create supportive environments for Native foster families and combat legal injustices faced by Indigenous families.

Thunder Hawk’s comprehensive approach to activism encompasses legal advocacy, community building, and preserving indigenous family systems, making her a vital and enduring voice in the struggle for Native American rights and sovereignty.

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Shaun Little Horn
Executive Director

Shaun Little Horn (Napé Sutá) hails from the Oglala Lakota Nation and has dedicated himself to the service and advocacy of indigenous communities.

As the Executive Director for Red Road Institute and Indigenous Peoples Movement, Shaun collaboratively works towards amplifying the rights and values of Indigenous people. Additionally, his role with SAGE Development of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe focuses on bridging traditional values with contemporary needs.

Shaun’s contributions as a global speaker have facilitated dialogues on indigenous rights and issues in various corners of the world. Beyond speaking, his commitment to the cause is evident through his membership on the Board of Directors for Canku Luta Omani, and he championed the creation of the Red Road TV Network, making indigenous stories accessible on platforms like Roku TV, Amazon TV, and Apple TV.

Renowned for his straightforward communication style, Shaun often prompts thoughtful discussions on pressing issues faced by Tribal nations.